Intro to Salespath for:

Sales Teams

More training will be coming soon, but in the meantime we wanted to tell you about an exciting new tool your car wash will be using soon.

Salespathâ„¢ is a sales system for car washes that empowers sales teams with training, a visual tablet-based presentation tool, dashboards with your live stats, gamified incentives, regular coaching, and ongoing sales support. In short, we focus on performance so that you have a clear path to get paid more commissions, and be successful in what you do.

You use the Salespath Tablet to give a visual presentation to each customer. Think of it as a mini-slideshow. We save each of those “presentation sessions” so that we can analyze sales data to generate automatic commissions, track performance, and see where the opportunities are. In between customers, you can view your personal sales dashboard on the tablet to see exactly what you have earned, how many customers you have seen, what your conversion rate is, and much more. You can also see how other sales associates in the company are doing.

On your dashboard you will find the Message Center. This is a chat feed where you can receive and send messages. CoachBot is the automated coach who will send you messages from time to time. This includes messages congratulating you on hitting sales achievements as well as gentle nudges when there are missed opportunities.  We have human coaches connected to these threads so we can also reach out in a very tailored way.

We know that our success depends on you and your ninja-level sales skills. That’s why we give you points for every membership sold as well as for other things. You can then choose rewards to use those points towards. Those rewards get emailed to you in the form of digital gift cards. You will see this on your dashboard on the Salespath Tablet.

What Happens Next?

We are currently setting up your Salespath system. Here is what we’re working on:


Presentation Design

We are working on what the presentation will look like and also working on a general script to go with that. You will not need to use this word for word. We think of it more like a framework.

Training Course

If your car wash has opted in, we are also working on the sales associate training course for your car wash. This will cover everything from sales best practices to a video on the exact presentation for your car wash. This is a digital course.

You Get The Tablets

We will then send your car wash the Salespath Tablets and you can get a feel for what that will be like to use. Each sales associate will have their own login.

Go Live!

Going live is very straight forward. You will use the tablet to launch a presentation and use it for each customer. You then see your dashboard with stats.