Sell, Market, and Manage Monthly Subscriptions Without an Expensive POS

Our software enables car wash operators to offer their customers monthly memberships without the hassle and high cost of a POS system. In addition to a modern e-commerce storefront, checkout, and account management pages, we offer cutting-edge digital marketing services to bring in customers from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and then stay in touch with email and SMS.

E-Commerce Storefront

We start by creating an e-commerce storefront branded specifically for your car wash. This includes a branded video, killer sales content and FAQ info. We also use modern checkout pages complete with an abandoned cart feature that emails the customer automatically if they do not complete their purchase.

Sell In-Person or Online

You can sell memberships onsite via a tablet we provide you with, or customers can sign up at home, or on their mobile device.

Track By Windshield Barcodes

If the customer purchased their membership at home, you will affix a barcode to the windshield on their first visit. On all future visits you will scan the bar code using the tablet and app we provide you with.

Account Management

Customers can manage their own account by logging in at anytime. They can cancel, suspend, upgrade or downgrade on their own.

In addition to a cutting edge membership management platform, we can help drive online sales, reach out to a wider audience, and generate a provable return on your investment. We also keep track of your entire audience in one place, and reach out via email and SMS.

Digital Advertising

We design, create, launch and analyze digital ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google AdWords.

Professional Content

To make these ads effective, we have built a library of professionally produced videos, commercials, photography and ads that grab and hold people’s attention.

All of this media gets branded as if it were created exclusively for your car wash.

Email & SMS

We use our built in CRM to keep track of your entire audience. We then use our email and SMS tools to blast out messages with targeted promotions at the right time.

Data-Driven Automation

The incredible power of our marketing comes from the fact that we are handling the online sales through your e-commerce storefront.

That means we can track which ads give you the best return on your investment.

We can narrow it down to specific groups of your audience. We can then automatically use ads and content that appeal to each segment.